Evolution Band Web Sites

Evolution Band Web Sites

A website is a valuable tool in building and maintaining a fanbase. But a good looking web site can be expensive. And it's often too time consuming to keep your content varied, relevant and up to date. Evolution is a custom built web site that we have created for hardworking bands like yours to keep the costs down, while still having a vibrant online community that grows and evolves easily with the career of the band.

Total Control

You have a powerful admin area that allows you to modify every aspect of the site content. Think of Evolution as a piece of software that runs on the server. You can add, modify and upload content as required, the same way you would a Myspace profile. Your site can evolve!


Exclusively for Bands

We'll sort out all graphics, domain name, coding, installation and hosting for 1 year. We will also create a banner and button for you to advertise your web site. We'll have your site completed and launched in 10 working days, then it's all yours! You can go crazy with your content, and your community. Let your site evolve!


Each Evolution website has these sections:

  • Home
  • News
  • Profiles (for the band and also for each member)
  • Discography
  • Lyrics
  • Gigs
  • Media (galleries, music and video)
  • Reviews
  • Forum
  • Shop (using paypal, for CDs, tickets, merchandise etc.),
  • Links
  • Feedback


See it in Action



Maggie Reilly
Maggie Reilly


Each web site is custom built from scratch for your band.



Welcome, News, Profiles, Discography, Lyrics, Gigs, Media, Reviews, Forum, Shop, Links & Feedback
All admin areas, interface graphics, coding and installation.

It's worth well over £1300, see our usual pricing policy.

Only £250

You could still end up getting it cheaper. Or maybe even FREE

See the bottom of the page for further reductions based on Page Rank.


If you would like to discuss the band web site further, call on UK: +44 ( 0)141 8421194, or email!


Please get in touch if you are interested in the band web site.
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Even Cheaper!

If you already have a band web site, then get the Google Toolbar and check your web site's Page Rank. You may be eligible for a discount if you have a high rank. This is based on using your existing hosting and domain.

If your Page Rank is 3, we will create your band web site for only £200.

If your Page Rank is 4, we will create your band web site for only £100.

If your Page Rank is 5 or above, we will create your band web site FREE!

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